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Programs & Our Approach to learning 

Excited Children in Science Class


  • Infant - (6 week - 12 months)

  • Younger Toddler - (13 months - 24 months) 

  • Older Toddler - (25 months - 36 months)

  • Preschool - 37 months - 48 months)

  • Pre- Kindergarten (49 months - 60 months) 

  • Before and After School Care - School-age (5 year old - 12 year old)

  • Summer Solution Program - School-age (5 year old - 12 year old)

We offer before and after school care for school age children; including transportation to and from Participating schools. 

*Pricing can very dependent on age also upon Full Time or Part Time hours and number of days per week; with a 3 day minimum.

Keystone Stars and CACFP

Get Set Learning Center is part of The Keystone Stars program ( ) and the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) ( )


Keystone Stars is an initiative to raising the quality of Childcare Centers in Pennsylvania. Keystone provides centers with higher quality standards to meet .Keystone Stars is an ongoing process in which centers must meet and maintain eligibility for designation of a Star 1-4. It can be described as a rating system not unlike those of restaurants or hotels; the higher the star the higher the quality. 


The CACFP is governed by the US Department of Agriculture. The CACFP provides healthy meal standards and requirements for enrolled centers. As part of this program we ask parents to complete an enrollment document at the time of registration and annually. The CACFP provides us with funding to purchase or contract with a meal vendor to provide nutritious and portioned meals. 


We provide Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, and PM Snack for all children at no additional costs to the families.  

Our Approach to learning

We Believe That every child has value and deserves respect, compassion and empathy. Children need a safe place to learn who they are within a community.


High aspirations 

are fundamental to our approach to learning at Get Set Learning Center. From the early stages of learning in Our Infant Classes to the top of the center in Our School-age After school and Summer Camp Program, we are focussed on developing lifelong learners who thrive on challenge, adventure and a dynamic range of educational opportunities and experiences.

Creative teaching, 

delivered by passionate teachers, ensures that the learning experience is active and engaging for all ages and abilities. There are ample opportunities for children to pursue their strengths and interests in addition to developing their curiosity, confidence and perseverance when meeting new challenges.

Our Creative Curriculum inspires learners. 

From Nursery to 13 Year Old a cross-curricular approach creates meaningful connections in learning. children have opportunities to investigate, collaborate, communicate, reflect and evaluate. Above all, they are mentally and physically busy, fully involved and fully engaged in their learning. This stimulating start in their learning journey develops learners who are inquisitive and independent. It develops learners who have the stamina, resourcefulness and resilience to engage with the deep and memorable learning and skills required for the world in which they live.

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